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Overview of Mycampuzz
We take this moment with Pride to announce the launch of Mycampuzz Mobile App. This App is mainly for students, seniours, faculity & management. This app contains so many features like easy connect with every one, daily activites... and overall college lifecycle/infromation present in your hands/infront of you/init. Your immense support over the years blessed us and we bestow this mobile application as a trendy. We do hope this Mobile app facilitates your purpose and endures our business accord. We thrive to augment our communication by adhering enhanced approach in notifying about our latest markings.
Home Page
It's like a college wall. The posts those are posted on the home page can be viewed by whole college and app helps your posts to be appear in proper way.
Menu items
Indexing all the Navigation bits at one place for your ease is on our list. Hence we get this Menu for you!
Mybranch is quite similar to activity but one common difference is entire branch can see your posts(Ex:1st year ECE students can interact with 3rd year ECE) no other branches are involved.
Students attendance list is visible in this particular feature. It is visible to students & faculty. We need to make this feature in more user friendly.
Home Menu
In this page contains so many features and these features helps you know everthing in college(academic info,friends,faculity...) and you can access easilys.
Can I share these Posts?
Yes, You can share our all posts by using your social media accounts.
Best Responsive Mobile Application
You can download this application today. Now you can install and much more interesting futures are present in it. Simply click the image of their covers below to get started.
Saitej Vinnakota(Co-Founder)
Ashok Gurram(Co-Founder)
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your feedback is very important for us, If anyone wants to give suggesions we can take care of it.
We spend so many hours and days creating the best App for you for Free and it's helps you.
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